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Our service concept

Service policy
1. After the arrival of equipment completed, the warranty period of installation is 12 months. If the installation  is delayed due to customer reasons, the warranty period shall be extended for up to 3 months, that is, within 15 months from the date of arrival.
2. Customer call repair equipment, our engineer will be in 30 minutes to respond to customers, according to the failure to give solutions. We can not communicate via telephone. We will provide on-site service within 72 hours (except in remote areas)
3. We provide one year free home repair and main parts warranty services for customers(except vulnerable parts, please refer to the list of vulnerable parts)
4. Within the warranty period, all customers can enjoy a free door-to-door inspection and maintenance service.
5. After the warranty period, our company will provide paid services for life.

Scope of exemption: damage caused by improper use, use of the environment and irresistible factors (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc.), we can still provide paid maintenance services.
Establish long-term cooperative relationship and provide 100% satisfactory service
No matter what kind of demand you have for our equipment and services, our customer service staff will provide you with professional advice and answers as soon as you call the after-sales service;
We will arrange for excellent customer service engineer to arrive at your appointed time, and provide quality services and products to you on the working principle and operation process, ensure the operation of skilled personnel after operation and maintenance of equipment;
At the same time will be free of charge for the product to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance;
We provide one year warranty service, and parts provide life-long paid service;

24-hour National Service Hotline

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